About the Playground

Who are the people behind the Duo Musical Playground?

Ryan Bledsoe and Jon Stapleton are music educators by training with many years of music teaching experience. They are also makers, crafters, artists, programmers, and curious people who understand that being musical goes far beyond learning to play a particular instrument.


The launch of Duo Musical Playground was made possible through support from Herberger Institute Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs. 

What do we do?

At the Duo Musical Playground, we build musical relationships through our musical activities and use of music technologically that encourage collaboration. Our team designs all activities and learning tools with a set of core values in mind. These core values include: valuing children at their current developmental stage, child leaders, play, imagination, and relationships.

At the Duo Musical Playground, we foster child creativity, realizing that this often requires adult support, but not adult leadership. Children and adults come together in our programs to play, learn, and make meaningful things.

About the Playground

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Our Core Values

At the Duo Musical Playground, we value:

  • Children at their current developmental stage

  • Child leaders

  • Play

  • Imagination

  • Relationships

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