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Designing a Creative Space

June 2, 2017

Edelweiss School of Music is a wonderful place, full of encouraging people and musical families. It is the perfect home for the Duo Musical Playground. 


The Duo Musical Playground team works diligently to make the classroom space one that inspires children and adults to create and play with sound. Having a physical space to call home has been important as we explore the possibilities of creative space design.



We've made the following decisions to make the Duo Musical Playground a creative space: 

  • We want the children and adults who attend our classes to be imaginative and playful. Bright colors, soft textures, a tent, and many toys encourage these traits.

  • Accessibility is very important to us, so we make sure that all materials and toys are accessible to the children who attend our classes. We want to make everything child-friendly so that adults can relax and enjoy the experience with their child.

  • New toys and installations for children to play with are added weekly so that the playground never seems stale. Since we design and make the toys and installations in the playground ourselves, we can change them each week to meet the needs and desires of the children and adults we work with.  

  • Class facilitators work with parents to ensure that the classes remain child-led. Children are naturally musical. Through following children and working with class facilitators, adults learn to experience and recognize the musicality their child already demonstrates.

Currently, the Duo Musical Playground is undergoing a transformation. With the help of our Duo Time class members, we're transforming the playground into an ocean home for a jellyfish we've adopted. 

 Check back to see photos of our ocean home!

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